Nearly Half of Americans Affected by COVID-19 Misinformation, Study Finds

November 22, 2023

Almost half of Americans felt their decisions related to COVID-19 were influenced by misinformation, and 43.7% believed the pandemic was intentionally created for political reasons, according to a survey by Propeller Insights and The School of Thought International. Despite 67.9% supporting media literacy and critical thinking skills, 49.8% believed debunked conspiracy theories like the 2020 U.S. federal election being stolen due to widespread fraud. Most respondents (84%) were concerned about the impact of misinformation, with 78% considering it a threat to society. About 73% believed they could identify misinformation, but only 38% thought others could do the same. The survey also showed low trust levels in traditional media, concerns about misinformation in U.S. elections, and fears of AI increasing disinformation.

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[Source: Medical Economics, November 21st, 2023]

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