Merck’s Pneumococcal Vaccine V116 Matches Pfizer’s Prevnar 20 in Phase 3 Trial

November 28, 2023

Merck’s investigational pneumococcal vaccine V116 demonstrated efficacy and safety levels similar to Pfizer’s Prevnar 20 vaccine in a Phase 3 trial. The STRIDE-3 trial found that V116 offered non-inferior immune responses to Prevnar 20, with superior immune responses for 10 out of 11 serotypes, according to opsonophagocytic activity measurements. The serotypes that V116 targets are responsible for about 83% of pneumococcal disease cases in older people. If approved, V116 would be the first pneumococcal vaccine specifically for adults. Merck plans to seek approval for V116 but has not yet announced a timeline. The favorable trial data positions V116 as a potential competitor to Prevnar 20 in the pneumococcal vaccine market.

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[Source: MM+M, November 28th, 2o23]

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