Medlinker’s AI Doctors Almost Match Human Physicians in Groundbreaking Live Test

July 24, 2023

Medlinker, a Chinese digital healthcare company, hosted a live comparison of its AI doctors, MedGPT, and human doctors in Chengdu, with MedGPT scoring 7.2 out of 10, compared to an average of 7.5 for human doctors, based on an assessment by seven notable physicians. Furthermore, the recommendations made by MedGPT were 96% as good as those made by top-tier physicians.

MedGPT, launched in May 2023 and built on the Transformer architecture, aims to provide practical diagnostic value. Notably, MedGPT showcased a capacity to diagnose ailments outside its area of expertise, an advantage over specialized human doctors. The test confirmed Medlinker’s leadership in medical large-scale language model development. CEO of Medlinker, Wang Shirui, sees a future where AI doctors and telemedicine disrupt the medical field, enhancing efficiency and making quality healthcare universally available.

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[Source: India Technology News, July 24th, 2023]

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