Medicare Drug Price Negotiations Predicted to Yield $1.8 Billion Savings by 2026

August 2, 2023

A new report asserts that the Inflation Reduction Act will enforce a minimum discount that surpasses the 2020 rebates for only 4 out of 10 negotiated Medicare drugs by 2026. The four drugs, Enbrel, Imbruvica, Ibrance, and Xtandi, will be subject to minimum discounts of 60% and 25%, respectively. The report expects the savings to amount to $1.8 billion. The current rebate will determine the highest negotiated price for the other six drugs. In order to achieve the $3.7 billion savings projected by the Congressional Budget Office, the study authors suggest that negotiated prices will need to fall below the stipulated price ceiling.

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[Source: EndPoints News, August 2nd, 2023]

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