Is Your RWE Study In the Weeds? Meet Some Experts Who Can Help.

November 7, 2014

This year, you can’t swing the proverbial “dead cat” without running into a meeting on Real World Evidence.  This flurry of activity portends good things in that decision-makers are placing greater importance on real world effectiveness data.  Most of us celebrate that this research field is rapidly developing and expanding.  The most creative of our researchers are borrowing methods, approaches, and techniques from other disciplines to improve the efficiency and utility of our RWE studies.  However, there is much ground left to cover.  What is the next vista in RWE?  How do you get your current study out of the weeds?

HealthEconomics.Com, the global digital portal for Health Economics and Outcomes Research  (HEOR) and Market Access, is taking a leadership role in the future of Real World Evidence development by looking beyond the “usual suspects” and expanding RWE concepts into new arenas:  digital health applications, untapped stakeholders like pharmacists, real (vs. pretend) patient engagement, and how the pharma organizational approach can facilitate RWE more successfully and  efficiently.  Interested to know more?

Then join us for the first-ever Real World Evidence (RWE) Virtual Summit: Practical Strategies for Addressing Multiple Stakeholder Needs on December 11, 2014.

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This Summit is virtual, meaning you can join in from your own computer from anywhere in the world, with just an internet connect, and spend the entire day – for FREE – learning about what’s trending for Real World Evidence!  For more information on the summit or to register for this FREE meeting click on this the image below or visit this link:

In this tHEORetically Speaking blog over the course of the next several weeks, we will introduce you to the Speakers and Experts who will be presenting at the December 11 RWE Virtual Summit.  You will get a peek into their futuristic insights, get a teaser of their presentation, and hopefully, will sign up for this free, unparalleled day-long summit on where the RWE field is going…so when 2015 rolls around, you’ll be ready to lead your organization into the future.

Let’s start out by introducing you to our first 3 speakers:  David Haddad, Jeff Trotter, and Amy Smalarz!  But first, why don’t you take a moment to view the agenda and register for the virtual RWE Summit? Just click below.


digital health etc

Digital Health.  Patient Engagement.  Data Visualization.  Do any of these phrases resonate with you? They do with David Haddad, Executive Director of Open mHealth, a non-david-quoteprofit company that brings a variety of professionals together with the expertise necessary to integrate digital data into the healthcare arena. David is the Keynote Speaker for the first-ever Real World Evidence (RWE) Virtual Summit: Practical Strategies for Addressing Multiple Stakeholder Needs, on December 11, 2014.

As the Keynote Speaker, David will kick-off the meeting from a patient/provider level and address how to tell better patient stories with data.  Imagine a situation in which a patient collects their own data from wearable sensors and mobile health applications. Now imagine a way to connect the data from the patient to the clinician taking care of the patient. Suddenly the data aren’t siloed, and can now be used to understand patterns of health behavior.

David will discuss the progress his company has made with patients being able to tell their stories through such devices.   David will also discuss how to navigate through and make sense of the myriad of other apps and devices available on the market today.

Developing RWE in a rapidly evolving environment is challenging, so how do you generate RWE that matters and makes a difference?  If you’re a clinician, researcher, health administrator, provider, payer, or otherwise involved in healthcare, you won’t want to miss David’s Keynote address.


Following David’s keynote address, Jeff Trotter and Amy Smalarz will expand from the patient and provider level and discuss specific strategies for pharmaceutical/ device companies who are striving to develop actionable RWE, both organizationally and operationally.

 Jeff-Trotter  amy-smalarz
 Jeff Trotter, MBA
President, Continuum Clinical
 Amy Smalarz, PhD
CEO, Strategic Market Insight

For an industry comfortable with the structure of randomized controlled clinical trials, studies to develop RWE can present a variety of challenges. How do you establish and manage appropriate expectations from stakeholders given the challenges and limitations of RWE? Jeff will provide an overview of strategic and operational considerations in planning for RWE so that it resonates and fulfills its greatest potential with key stakeholders.

To further facilitate the ability to produce actionable RWE, checklist-imageAmy will discuss a RWE Checklist for Success. One goal of the meeting is to customize a RWE checklist to ensure its usefulness for various participants in the healthcare arena involved with the generation and dissemination of RWE. Meeting participants will be given the opportunity to have input on the checklist, and encouraged to provide feedback on strategies that have worked (or haven’t worked!) based upon their own experience.

The remainder of the dynamic day-long virtual RWE meeting (register here!) will cover RWE needs and expectations, various stakeholders that should be involved with RWE (including stakeholders such as patients, pharmacists, and policy makers), and the lifecycle management of RWE.

Over the next few weeks we’ll post more information on our speakers and their topics, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, please register for this FREE meeting!  Additional information and how to register is only a click away….

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What issues would you like for our speakers to address at our December 11 Real World Evidence: Practical Strategies for Stakeholder Engagement virtual meeting?  We’d like to hear from you!  (The cartoon is just for giggles…we REALLY do want to hear from you.)

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A little more about the speakers featured in this post:

David Haddad David Haddad is the Executive Director of Open mHealth. His experience includes both domestic and global health, where he’s worked for organizations such as the World Bank and UN Foundation. He has a master’s degree in health economics and policy form the London School Of Economics, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and public health from UC Berkeley.
amy-smalarz Amy Smalarz is the founder and CEO of Strategic Market Insight, a consulting company with clients in outcomes research, US payer assessment and positioning, clinical outcomes assessment, patient and clinician decision making, instrument and measurement development, and pay-for-performance metrics. She has a PhD in social policy and health services research from Brandeis University, a masters in health care administration from Simmons College, and a bachelor’s degree in biology and sociology from Brandeis University.
Jeff-Trotter Jeff Trotter is the President of Continuum Clinical, a company that brings together both clinical and commercial development in the areas of patient recruitment, Late-Stage research, health economics, and medical communications. He has been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years as an entrepreneur, researcher, consultant, and innovator. Jeff is an industry leader in the design and implementation of research studies generating “real world” evidence.  He holds an MBA from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Illinois.

This blog posting was written by Meg Franklin, PharmD, PhD, Owner and President Franklin Pharmaceutical Consulting, LLC, on behalf of HealthEconomics.Com. Dr. Franklin may be reached at or

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