Is Email Marketing Dead? Nope, Not If You Follow These Tips!

May 12, 2015

Bad news:  Email marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Good news:  It’s still effective.  And, it still provides great ROI – if you do it right.

But what was “right” last year may not work this year.  So let HealthEconomics.Com give you a few tips, based on our analysis of almost 4 million emails over the past two years.  Let us help you move from Open to Click to Act to ROI+.

We’ve written an easy-to-read White Paper entitled “Email Marketing: Ingredients for Success from HealthEconomics.Com“, and you can download your copy here.

Email Marketing at HealthEconomics.Com

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The White Paper contains tables and analysis addressing the following:

Email Marketing Strategies from HealthEconomics.Com

Table of Contents

  1. eBlasts, Then and Now
    • How email marketing has changed
    • Definitions of critical metrics
    • Open rates and Click-through rates by industry
  2. Influencers of Success
    • Type of eBlast (focus, topic, audience)
    • Day of week
    • Time of send
    • Holiday effect
    • Sender reputation
    • Type of URL
    • Subject line
    • Quality of content
  3. Choosing the Right Tool for Marketing Your Service or Product
    • Email vs. Other Tools
    • Options Available
  4. Developing Content
    • HE Institute – The Creativity Lab(TM)
    • Connecting You.  Connecting Us.
    • Contact Us

Here are a few tidbits:

  • Open rates <10% should send a warning signal; change something (who, what, when, where, why, how)
  • Industry sector open rates vary drastically, with medical services posting some of the highest open rates in the “for profit” arena at 25%
  • 82% of health economists and outcomes researchers rely on HealthEconomics.Com newsletters as their primary source of news and information.
  • Specialty pharmacy newsletters from HealthEconomics.Com post a 19% mean open rate.  Our Jobs newsletter posts a mean OR of 26%!

Learn more about how to make your emails make a difference in your company.  Download Email Marketing: Ingredients for Success from HealthEconomics.Com“.  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.  And, if you’d like our HE Institute – The Creativity Lab(TM) to help you with your next marketing campaign, reach out to our agency of health economists, marketers, digital and video experts, and customer service team for solutions.  Let’s get creative!

Patti Peeples, PhD, RPh, CEO and Founder of HealthEconomics.Com

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