How Can Payers Advance Patient-reported Measures in Oncology?

October 28, 2020

A newly published study explored patient-reported performance measures in oncology, the barriers to implementation, and actionable recommendations for public and private payers to improve the appropriate use of these measures in oncology value-based payment programs.

Key findings include:

  • Within a universe of over 800 available PR-PMs, 515 crosscutting measures are applicable to oncology; and only 18 oncology-specific PR-PMs were identified. Some of this small number are already used in VBP programs.
  • Gaps in available oncology PRMs and PR-PMs include (but are not limited to) goal attainment, personalized medicine, socioeconomic status and survivorship.

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(Source: NPC; E.V.I.dently Blog; 10/28/20)

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