Don’t Forget the Payer in Your Digital Strategy – What Payers Need and Want From Pharma (On-demand Webinar, Slides, Podcast)

June 25, 2013

On June 25, 2013, I presented a Webinar on this topic.  Slides are available for request here and the on-demand archive can be viewed here (use HECOM1234 for the code).   We had more than 100 registrants, and many questions.  Polling suggested that payer digital promotion is indeed taking place, but most respondents were anxious to increase digital spend and were struggling with some silo and medical/legal issues.

I’ll be doing a Podcast to address the many questions that arose during the Webinar, as well as presenting on a Panel at an upcoming IIR ePharma West Summit in San Francisco in September.  Register for meeting here.

Here’s a little about what I discussed in the Webinar and what I’ll cover in the Podcast and Panel at ePharma West 2013.

Are Payers and Managed Markets withering on your Digital vine due to lack of attention?   Biopharma Marketing and Sales have well-developed, multi-prong strategies using traditional methods to drive pharma product access, usage, and reimbursement with these critical decision-makers.  But, has your Digital Marketing Strategy kept up, or are you still thinking only about providers and patients?  Key stakeholders – payers, managed markets, and technology assessment groups  – control  market access to and reimbursement for your drug or device more than ever before, and they need and want digitally-based product education, information, and evidence evaluation tools.  What are your marketers and social media experts doing to optimally engage these key decision-makers?

This Webinar provided  you with tools to prepare a forward-thinking, sophisticated, and complete Digital Strategy that:  identifies the key stakeholders, prioritizes their information needs, presents methods to optimize your market access and reimbursement success, and provides you with the tools to develop a road map to efficiently and effectively integrate these customer groups into your digital marketing mix.  Download the slides here.

If you have questions about your payer digital strategy, or would like to share examples of your own innovative work in the digital payer space, please email me at or comment on this blog.

Read what attendees of “Don’t Forget the Payer in Your Digital Strategy” had to say about the webinar:

  • I watch a lot of industry webinars and usually bag out of them after the first 10 minutes because they’re usually missing the mark of being beneficial. But the one conducted yesterday was great and spurred a lot of discussion among my team and will influence our approach to our business. I really appreciated the data and positioning presented.

  • I thought it was an excellent presentation and very educational.

  • Thanks for a great webinar!

    Jessica Cherian, PharmD, RPh
    Post Doctoral Fellow, Central Information Services

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