How a specialized Masters Degree can boost your healthcare career!

February 14, 2018

Are you searching for that opportunity to help propel you to the next promotion? Add to your credentials so you stay relevant? Give you the tools to effect change in healthcare in a new way?

If so, you may be interested in the well-respected Online MS+MBA and Certificate Programs in Applied PharmacoEconomics or Managed Care Systems at the University of Florida.



Designed specifically for working professionals, you can pursue this degree and continue to work full-time, manage your family commitments, and travel for work or pleasure.

Here’s what a former graduate of UF’s Online Applied Pharmacoeconomics Program had to say:

“The course load, timing of exams, and amount of assignments worked well with my other responsibilities and it wasn’t too burdensome. This was really important.” ~Former graduate student, now Manager, GHEOR at Xcenda

This program is different than most online graduate programs. Open to anyone with a B.S. (or higher) degree, students in UF’s program come from all walks of life, many with diverse and varied experience: PharmDs, RNs, MDs, HOLs/MSls, and non-healthcare backgrounds, as well. In fact, about one-quarter of students come from business or legal backgrounds and recognize the importance of applied skills in healthcare systems, one of the greatest growth areas of the future! No prior healthcare experience required!

Choose from MS, MS+MBA, or Graduate Certificate Program. And focus on your area of interest, with 4 Specialty Tracks:

The classes are focused on developing real-world, applied skills in critical growth areas of the 21st century: managed care systems, health economics, outcomes research, patient safety, or pharmaceutical regulation. Blending strong academic training with pragmatic skills leads to a graduate who is ready to implement change immediately. Other graduates note that this online MS program helped to fast-track their career and increased their chance of promotion.

“I got a great foundation across many areas of healthcare, including policy, ethics, epidemiology, data analytics, and economics. I learned things in my classes that immediately helped me in my job – even before graduating! ~Former Graduate Student, now Director, Clinical Program Management at major PBM

Online, but interactive!

At UF’s Online Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, you won’t be stuck learning on your own with a dis-embodied voice and a PPT presentation! In an innovative, time-tested, and highly rated format called “Live Online Learning”, students in the online graduate program learn in a teacher-led once weekly class attended by you and all your fellow students. For about two hours on Sunday nights, you gather online to listen to a live lecture, ask questions, network, and problem-solve – together. So, you get the advantage of online learning, where you can “attend” class from anywhere (your home, in your PJs, or the airport while on a business trip). But, you also get the advantage of interactive learning as if you are in a classroom – albeit a “virtual classroom”.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what other students say about the Live Online Learning in the UF Online Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy Graduate Program:

“I had taken online classes before that had no live component to them, and you just play it back on-demand. I found it really hard if you have questions. You can’t raise your hand (like you can in our live online classes), and interaction with classmates was invaluable, particularly for me because I didn’t have a healthcare background.” ~JB, Managed Market Account Manager for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Are you worried that you might have trouble balancing your work and home life commitments with a weekly online class?

Don’t be. One of the tenets of the UF Online POP program is flexibility and manageability.  All of your fellow students are in the same boat, and the Professors are focused on working with you and your needs, no matter how unique.

“This program really met my needs for workload and offered important flexibility when I started a new job. I was able to take a semester off to move and get into my new position, then restart the program. ~DG, PharmD, MS, MBA, Director at a major healthcare insurance company


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Not quite ready to commit? Then, join us for an Informational Webinar, on Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 12:30-1:30pm EST.

Register for Online Career Fair for HEOR & Market Access


In this webinar, you will hear from Dr. Robert Navarro, Track Directory of Managed Care Systems at UF and Heather Steingraber, Assistant Director of Online Graduate Programs in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy.

  • Program overview
  • Who can apply? No prior healthcare experience required!
  • 4 specialty learning tracks + joint MBA or Graduate Certificate options
    • Applied PharmacoEconomics
    • Managed Care Pharmacy Systems
    • Patient Safety
    • Pharmaceutical Regulation
  • Application process and deadlines
  • Unique online interactive learning
  • Alumni insights: Career options after you graduate
  • Costs


What are you waiting for? All you need is a desire to improve yourself & healthcare. 

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