American Medical Association Issues Unique PLA Code to Oxford BioDynamics

October 3, 2023

Oxford BioDynamics PLC has been assigned a unique Proprietary Laboratory Analysis Code (PLA Code) by the American Medical Association’s CPT Editorial Board for their EpiSwitch® Prostate Screening (PSE) test. The code 0433U allows for standardized billing for the PSE test across all US healthcare providers, simplifying the reimbursement process and increasing patient access.

Oxford BioDynamics PLC will use a high-complexity molecular testing code for reimbursement until the unique code goes live on 1 January 2024. OBD’s management believes this demonstrates the importance payor groups place on PSE as a crucial screening tool, beneficial to both patients and the medical industry. The PSE test, boasting a 94% accuracy rate and launched in September 2021, is available to men in the UK and US for prostate cancer screening.

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[Source: Business Wire, October 3rd, 2023]

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