Act4Biosimilars Advocacy Group Strives to Boost Global Adoption of Biosimilars by 2030

August 10, 2023

Act4Biosimilars, a global biosimilar advocacy initiative, aims to increase global adoption of biosimilars by at least 30 percentage points in over 30 countries by 2030.

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Regulatory and policy hurdles and varied market dynamics cause disparities in biosimilar uptake. Western European countries lead in adoption while developing nations, including Africa and Latin America, lag.
  • Diverse healthcare systems and regulatory pathways require unique, local knowledge to navigate; hence, Act4Biosimilars’ strategy is to empower people with country-specific expertise to support governments in implementing changes.
  • Within Latin America, policy obstacles and health infrastructure issues limit biosimilars’ potential. More significant effort is needed to start and expand education about biosimilars among healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Act4Biosimilars launched an Action Plan that identifies challenges and opportunities to increase biosimilar adoption considering four key areas: Approvability, Acceptability, Accessibility, and Affordability.
  • The Action Plan starts in the Americas, then expands to Europe in Q4 2023, the Middle East and Africa in Q1 2024, and Asia Pacific in Q2 2024.
  • Act4Biosimilars will track the progress of the Action Plan via an Impact Index using metrics reflecting biosimilar adoption at global and country-level, which will be updated every two years.
  • The target is a minimum of 44% biosimilar adoption by 2030.
  • With more reference biologics upon losing exclusivity rights, more biosimilars will become available across a broader range of therapeutic areas, which is expected to improve healthcare quality and sustainability. Increasing access to these biosimilars to the global patient population is crucial.

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[Source: Pharmaceutical Technology, August 9th, 2023]

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