With Dr. Robert Dubois at the Helm, the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) Solidifies Commitment to High-Quality Patient-Centered Research and Evidence-based Dialogue

September 4, 2020

Dr. Robert Dubois, the newly appointed interim president and CEO of NPC, outlined his vision for the organization during his tenure. Dr. Dubois emphasized his intention to focus on two key issues moving forward: 1) building on the work that NPC has been doing in fostering an evidence-based dialogue; and 2) positioning NPC for the future–no matter what the issues are–over the next one, five, or ten years.

Dr. Dubois further expressed his passion for the research-based evidence that that drives innovation, high value care, and affordable treatment: “NPC has never been better equipped to advance good evidence and science. We have a large and distinguished research team, and work every day to create an environment that supports critical discussions about the industry – and the importance of innovative, high-value treatments – not only by being more vocal, but also by infusing a commitment to peer-reviewed research into every debate.”

For more information on Dr. Dubois’ and his vision for NPC, read his blog and watch his video message on NPC’s website.

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