Will ‘All of Us’ Bring Positive Change to Research?

March 1, 2021

“All of Us” is the $1.5 billion initiative led by the federal government with the purpose of collecting health data from diverse backgrounds. It’s considered as an important step forward in precision medicine—for all backgrounds. At the same time, it may also have far-reaching impacts in driving research collaborations and in restoring public trust in research.

“Big datasets like those All of Us is building — which include health records, imaging data, and one day, fully sequenced genomes — are a gold mine of insights about medicine. They’re also growing far more common as scientists analyze unprecedented amounts of biological data, from the microbes in our guts and proteins our cells express to the pixels in our MRIs and the mess of information in our medical records.” Read more here.

(Source: Katie Palmer, STAT News, 2/22/21)

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