Whitepaper – Adaptive Trial Designs in Early Oncology: Minimizing Risk & Accelerating Timelinesv

August 8, 2022

Despite a growing understanding of cancer biology, only 10% of cancer treatments approved by the FDA have an overall survival benefit for patients. A newly available white paper lays out the current precision medicine landscape and how the shift towards adaptive trial designs could accelerate market access and improve patient outcomes

According to , “With the emergence of precision medicine, we are seeing a shift in how early-phase oncology trials are conducted, including a growing number of Phase 1 trials reporting preliminary response rates. This shift is due in part to an increase in adaptive trial designs that seek to limit the number of patients exposed to ineffective doses or treatments while accelerating the timeline to the detection of efficacy signals.”

To download the free whitepaper, click here.

(Source: Premier Research, August 8th, 2022)

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