Cytel is excited to announce a two-part webinar series that introduces the value of patient preferences in early drug development. Speakers will discuss how to use patient preferences to:

  • Gain early patient insights to optimize clinical trial enrollment
  • Demonstrate that your endpoints are patient relevant
  • Ensure your target product profile describes a treatment desired by the patients
  • Measure the value of patient-reported outcome (PRO) endpoints
  • Demonstrate positive benefit-risk using patient preferences
  • Co-develop treatment with patients
  • Confirm treatment value from patient perspective to investors and for reimbursement
  • Demonstrate treatment preference in diverse groups of patients.

During the first webinar, speakers introduce the current state of play in patient preferences, including the regulatory/HTA guidance relevant for introducing patient preferences in early development.

Following this discussion, the second webinar will present common approaches for capturing patient preferences, real-life examples of impactful patient preference studies, and provides practical guidance for developing a patient preference-informed clinical development program.

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