Capitalize on the potential of the ‘payvider’ model to provide more cost-effective care

The CVS- Oak Street Health deal is just the latest example of major players in health care expanding their reach and Payvider capabilities. Clearly this is a tipping point for providers and payers to gain more control to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, consumer-centric care.

With more Health Plans and Health Systems developing Payvider operations to connect clinical and claims data, we’re going to dig into it in this exclusive webinar!

Join us to move away from the traditionally contentious method of contract negotiation and embrace a collaborative approach that includes the ‘triple aim’ goals of lower costs, higher quality, and improved service.

Get insights in critical challenges faced by healthcare professionals like you:

• Learn how to align with independent providers to move into full-risk arrangements and maximize shared saving

• Adopt an evidence-based approach that leverages empirical data on outcomes for quality measurement and improvement

• Understand how much risk can be assumed safely and shared as a payvider to reduce financial exposure

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