Optum will bring together cross-industry experts to share a case study detailing how an employer, provider, payer and pharmaceutical company worked together to address migraines, a hard-to-diagnose condition. Learn how this team started with a model to risk stratify, predict undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and mismanaged members and how those analytics were used to enrich engagement for treatment and diagnosis optimization.

In this webinar, presenters will share their data-driven approaches to accelerating appropriate diagnosis, treatment optimization and improved patient outcomes, including:

  • Motivations behind the partnership to address a shared problem
  • Importance of this collaboration and the process
  • Strategies for successful risk stratification
  • When and why – or why not – to tailor specific interventions across settings
  • Results of the program and how it improved patient care, outcomes and increased satisfaction
  • How the program can be applied and replicated for other diagnoses/therapeutic areas

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