The impact of the pandemic has added extra pressure onto an NHS system that was already facing challenges due to limitations on resources and budgets. For an NHS in crisis, there has never been a better opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to implement new partnership models that can help deliver better outcomes for patients.

However, such collaboration is nowhere near where it needs to be and there is an urgent need to align around priorities and ambitions on both sides, plus to translate the needs and objectives of both the NHS and industry to find common ground for engagement.

In this interactive webinar, brought to you by IQVIA, we will explore the critical role for mutually beneficial partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS in helping to deliver better outcomes for patients, especially as critical efficiencies need to be identified in the wake of this global pandemic.

Join us on Wednesday 15th March at 12:30pm GMT / 07:30am ET / 13:30pm CET as representatives from industry and NHS as well as subject-matter experts from IQVIA and pharmaphorum, dig into this important challenge.

The webinar will also explore:

Objectives and priorities for industry-NHS collaboration

Barriers to communication and collaboration

The political, economic and social value propositions for NHS and industry

The potential of technological solutions like real-world evidence and virtual care

Attendees will leave with practical insights into how and why they should be partnering with the NHS to improve patient outcomes in the wake of this global pandemic.

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