IQVIA’s experts lead a conversation on embracing FDA’s guidance on the use of real world data (RWD).

FDA Guidance Documents- Shaping the Future of RWD Curation and RWE Innovation

The entire healthcare ecosystem is embracing a mission of innovation, including regulatory agencies like the FDA. Guidance documents on the use of RWD released over the past year are shaping the future of evidence generation and Regulatory Science. In addition to new methods and approaches, quality and curation of RWD collected from a variety of sources are key themes in FDA’s guidance and can impact utilization. In this webinar, Mui Van Zandt, BS and Raina Olexa, MS discuss how your organization can navigate data quality, curation, and management challenges for better research.

Key Topics Include:

  • Discover the big picture of FDA’s 2021 real world evidence guidance
  • Understand common data quality challenges, how you can overcome these issues, and how you can apply data quality concepts in your organization
  • Learn how data quality measures can help provide transparency for better research
  • Discover a systematic approach to monitor data quality that has been implemented at IQVIA across 100’s of sources of global data
  • Hear use cases for RWD application and utilization


Raina Olexa, MS

Senior Principal Scientist

Regulatory Science & Strategy


Mui Van Zandt, BS

VP and GM

Real World Data and Technology