Expand insights utility and demonstrate ROI with purposeful, cross-functional workstreams

Insights are the foundation to make smarter, data-driven, customer-centric business decisions that accelerate growth commercial success and build your commercial powerhouse. But there are still gaps in the way we handle the end-to-end insight processes: from capturing the insights that field forces generate to processing data and forming easy-to-action analytics; and from closing insight loops to meeting customer needs.


We need to add sophistication to all these processes via purposeful insight generation that furthers our depth of knowledge in customer behaviours. Yet to make processes truly seamless, it’s also crucial that all functions involved in customer engagement excellence – from Marketing, Commercial, Data, Analytics and IT- work closely together to share learnings and capabilities.


Fail to take action, and you’ll be unable to maximize the utility of your insights and tailor your go-to-market models.


Join Reuters Events’ exclusive panel discussion to hear experts from Novartis, Takeda and Janssen share business-critical learnings, including:


· Differentiate predictive vs prescriptive insights and inform your next best action

· Define “real time insights” and understand how to action these with speed across relevant functions

· Unveil how insights can demonstrate critical ROI on marketing innovations

· Set metrics valued by leadership when communicating the success of marketing campaigns


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