[Webinar] Tumor Profiling for Health Insurance Providers

December 9, 2020

On December 10, 2020  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET, Illumina will host a webinar on comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP). CGP of tumors is an important aspect of determining therapy for individuals with advanced cancer. It is covered by Medicare for patients with advanced cancers seeking further cancer treatment, yet many commercial health insurance providers have limited coverage to small, targeted genetic panels.

This webinar will describe the difference between CGP and other types of genetic tests for cancer, identify how it helps patients and clinicians, and discuss therapies that rely on CGP as a diagnostic. Health insurance providers are often challenged with how to evaluate the clinical utility and clinical value of tests that include many genes, and this presentation will review Medicare and global models that can be utilized to evaluate CGP for advanced cancer.

Register here.

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