Webinar: Strategies to Overcome CAR-T Cell Resistance During Cell Therapy

January 7, 2022

CAR-T cell therapy has shown great potential in certain lymphoma and leukemia patients. However, resistance to the CAR-T cells in some patients limits the utility of the therapy. In a Sartorius Webinar, Dr. Dr. Adrian Bot, VP and Global Head of Translational Medicine and the Head of Research in Santa Monica at Kite talks about the underlying mechanisms of CAR-T therapy resistance and the development of Axi-cel.

According to the the webinar page on Sartorius, “Using reverse translational deep learning in the context of clinical trials and real-world utilization, he defines actionable factors that contribute to efficacy and toxicity, leading to potential treatment optimization and next generation products with increased clinical performance.”

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(Source: Sartorius, January 6th, 2021)

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