[Webinar] COVID-19: The Biggest Challenge to Cold Chain Supply Disruption Ever

October 16, 2020

Distributing and deploying a COVID-19 vaccine remains a great challenge filled with uncertainty as to the initial results, stability data and recommendations. Key to the success of any vaccination campaign will be distribution and storage. How can healthcare and public health officials best prepare for the avalanche of air freight shipments? How will the overall air transport industry be affected? Will it lead to other shortages?

Tune in Tuesday 20 October 2020 on 10:00am EDT as Stéphanie Fitt, EMBALL’ISO Europe’s Head of Sales, explains how reusable passive isothermal solutions can be a key element for the air freight distribution of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals in COVID-19. Further topics to be discussed in the webinar include:

  • How to overcome supply chain challenges by implementing a ‘reuse’ strategy
  • How to implement a ‘reuse’ strategy to help lower supply chain costs and decrease CO2 emissions
  • Understand how a reusable passive isothermal solution is key for successful transportation of vaccines and other pharmaceutical products

Speaker: Stéphanie Fitt, Head of Sales Europe, EMBALL’ISO

Moderator: Angela Heath, Editorial and Events Director, Samedan Ltd

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