[Webinar] Cannabis Research to Reinforce Formulary Coverage Decisions

October 6, 2020

Cannabis as medicine has generated a tremendous amount of interest in the scientific community. It has also generated a tremendous amount of misinformation, controversy, and debate .Tune in to this webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020, at 2-3pm ET for an overview of the current science and regulation of cannabis-based products in the US, underscoring the importance of FDA oversight in cannabis-focused research. The presenters will also discuss how the cannabis industry attempts to  lend their products a veneer of scientific legitimacy without having to undertaking rigorous, large-scale studies.


  • Dr. Jennifer “Trie” Triemstra, MS, PhD, Medical Affairs Senior Manager – Cannabinoid Education Greenwich Biosciences
  • Theodore Caputi, M.P.H., President, Data Science Solutions LLC

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