Webinar: Adaptive Sample Size Reassessment – Conditional Powers or Bayesian Predictive Power?

December 10, 2021



Cytel’s Executive Research Principal, Rajat Mukherjee discusses using a Bayesian Predictive Power (PP) calculation for Adaptive Sample Size Reassessment (SSR) in a recent Promising Zone webinar. Adaptive SSR allows smaller pilot studies to expand their sample size for clinical trials if interim results are promising. Mukherjee proposes using a Bayesian PP calculation to circumvent limitations of the standard conditional powers (CP) approach.

According to Mansha Sachdev of Cytel, “Cytel proposed using Bayesian PP instead of CP. A Bayesian interim analysis allows robust prediction under non-proportionality of hazards and varying hazard rates over time. Frequentist CP calculations are based on summary measures, not all available data. Bayesian calculations make use of all available data, thereby helping to manage issues with follow-up”

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(Source: Cytel, December 8th, 2021)

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