[Webinar] 5 Years of ICER – Insights and Impact on Payers

September 8, 2020

Payers are increasingly reliant on ICER reports for their formulary decision making process. Join this webinar on Tuesday, September 15, at 2-3pm ET as expert stakeholders discuss what payers find most relevant when it comes to ICER, the impact ICER reports have on coverage decisions, and how manufacturers support their products by engaging with ICER. Register Now (Free for AMCP Members and Non-Members)


  • Jeremy Lee, PharmD, BCPS, Director, Drug Information, MedImpact Healthcare Systems
  • Allen Lising, Managing Director, FormularyDecisions
  • Linnea Tennant, PharmD, MBA, MS, Assistant Director, Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Xcenda


  • Tricia Monaco, MBA, Senior Director, Marketing, Xcenda





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