Veradigm Platform Generates Actionable RWE

April 29, 2020

Veradigm in a recent analysis found that de-identified data from its EHR platform could be used to generate “actionable and meaningful RWE.”

To download a white paper outlining the findings, click here.

Veradigm used its platform to produce insights into heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

“This retrospective analysis demonstrates how de-identified ambulatory patient data from an EHR platform from Veradigm may be used to generate actionable and meaningful RWE,” Veradigm writes in a recent tHEORetically Speaking blog post. “The analysis, as described in the full white paper, offers insight into the nature of the unmet need, and provides further insights into patient subgroups (such as those with DM and HT and/or hyperlipidemia), where the most potential impact could be derived from new interventions.”

To read the full blog post on tHEORetically Speaking, HealthEconomics.Com’s official blog, click here.

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