Value of a QALY for France

August 21, 2020

Until now, no cost-effectiveness threshold (CET) has been officially proposed in France to qualify incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICERs). To address this, French researchers proposed a locally adapted method for estimating a preference-based value for a quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) based on a rational approach to public policy choices. Using the official French value of statistical life (VSL) of €3 million (USD 3.25 million), researchers estimated the value of life-year (VoLY) by age category and then estimated the value of a QALY (VSQ) by weighting VoLYs with demographic data.

Assuming a discount rate of 2.5%, the estimated average VoLYs and VSQs were €120 185 (USD 130 000) and €147 093 (USD 159 022). Assuming a discount rate of 4.5%.the estimated rates were €166 205 (USD 179 681) and €201 398 (USD 217 728). These VSQs could be used as reference values for ICERs in health economic assessments (HEA) in France. Read more here.

(Source: Value of a QALY for France: A New Approach to Propose Acceptable Reference Values Téhard, Bertrand et al.Value in Health, Volume 23, Issue 8, 985 – 993)

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