Value in Health: Defining a Core Data Set for the Economic Evaluation of Precision Oncology

August 9, 2022

Despite the growing abundance of multiomic data in precision oncology, the lack of standardization and interoperability impedes economic evaluation. In the latest issue of Value in Health, Samantha Pollard, PhD et al. found significant variability in published data resources. Through their work, they identified a core set of 68 data elements that they believe would support accurate and efficient economic evaluations.

According to , “Integrating prospective data collection into practice may require expansion of health system data infrastructure capacity. Although many elements may be available through administrative and claims data, routine collection of QOL may require consent and ethical approvals if conducted within research. Additional resources may be needed for prospective collection of patient outcomes regarding treatment response and progression (eg, Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumours [RECIST]), where accurate measurement depends on best practices for data entry and monitoring but will reduce error through analysis of accurate and complete data sets.”

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(Source: Value in Health, August 1st, 2022)

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