Using RWE to Make Cost Decisions: A New Report

February 24, 2021

A recent article, published in JMCP (the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy), considers how RWE (real world evidence) can be utilized when making economic decisions. ICER (the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review) has incorporated RWE in making its recommendations, but few other organizations have been as ready to make such a move. The researchers compared 33 studies using RWE in various applications. They found that RWE was most frequently used for disease progression inputs and health care resource utilization and costs.

The authors note, “RWE has been commonly used to inform pharmaceutical value assess- ments conducted by ICER. However, there has been relatively limited use of RWE to inform drug-specific effectiveness, despite calls for greater inclusion of RWE in value assessments for real-world drug effectiveness.” Read the article here.

(Source: Lee et al., JMCP, January 2021)

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