Trinity Life Sciences Reports Promising Opportunities in China’s 2022 NRDL for Innovative Drugs

December 20, 2023

Trinity Life Sciences, a global life sciences solutions leader, reports promising opportunities for innovative drugs in China’s 2022 National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL). Their white paper, “2022 NRDL Pricing Implementation and Access Outcomes in China,” provides a detailed analysis of this update, reflecting China’s healthcare industry’s rapid evolution and commitment to broad access to innovative medicines while balancing cost sustainability.

Since 2017, the NRDL has been a crucial market access pathway in China. The 2022 NRDL update, effective from March 2023, shows trends in pricing and access that are important for reimbursement in China. The paper highlights five critical changes in the NRDL aimed at optimizing the review process. These include improved negotiation success rates, consistent price discounts, focus on innovative therapy inclusion, increasing multinational manufacturer presence, and expanded coverage in diverse therapeutic areas.

The 2022 NRDL mainly focuses on oncology, rare diseases, and chronic diseases. Notably, oncology drugs received an average discount of 58%, and rare disease drugs saw lower discounts compared to 2021. While facing significant price discounting, regular disease drugs can achieve premium pricing with robust clinical data.

This update underlines the importance of manufacturers considering China in their global commercialization strategies, as the country’s healthcare outlook promises better pricing and access opportunities for drugs with solid clinical evidence. Trinity Life Sciences provides annual guidance on the NRDL to help life sciences executives navigate China’s evolving access landscape. An on-demand webinar further explores the implications of the 2022 NRDL update.

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[Source: Business Wire, December 20th, 2023]

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