Transforming the COVID-19 Pandemic Into a Business

February 12, 2021

Thanks to widespread efforts to develop tools against COVID-19, several effective vaccines now exist. Still, data remain unclear regarding the frequency of possible booster shots and if current vaccines will require modifications in order to be effective against COVID-19 variants. The prices of these vaccines—and who will pay for them—is also up for debate. Ronny Gal of Bernstein suggests that the yearly price of COVID-19 vaccines could hit $20 billion.

According to analyst Vamil Divan of Mizuho Securities USA, “We do think it’s likely there will need to be more shots given and that there will be a need to do next-generation vaccines,” adding, “[Drugmakers] are sort of expecting there to be a longer-lasting [business] opportunity.” Read more here.

(Source: Jonathan Gardner, BioPharma Dive 2/9/21)

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