Three Strategies for Providers Implementing Value-Based Care

June 7, 2023

Value-based care models have been put forward as a solution for rising Medicare costs, paying providers for the value their care provides patients. New laws are further incentivizing adaptation of these payment models. To jump on board successfully, Edifecs published an article earlier this year covering three strategies to help providers take on value-based care models successfully.

According to Edifecs, “For the sake of their patients and their own vocational satisfaction, a clinician’s focus on examining and treating patients is paramount. They’re experts in medicine and in achieving the highest quality outcomes. And yet, clinicians have been inordinately designated to meticulously document based on outdated documentation and coding guidelines. CMS has recently revised Evaluation & Management documentation standards to more fairly address this inequity. Evaluation and subsequent medical documentation can only be as good as the information available to them in the electronic medical record (EMR) and other readily accessible sources.”

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(Source: Edifecs. February 28th, 2023)

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