The United States Postal Service: An Often Overlooked but Vital Part of Our Health Care System

August 27, 2020

Many depend on the postal service for their medications, so any disruptions to the USPS will create substantial barriers to healthcare access. Nationwide, only 5% of prescriptions are filled through mail-order but a recent AMCP survey found that 24% of respondents indicated that they depended on the mail for their medicines during the pandemic. Furthermore, many veterans and rural Americans receive all of their medications through the postal system.  For the countless Americans who depend on mail-order medications, any delay can put their health in jeopardy. Americans have grown to rely on the USPS. While we would all like to see a more efficiency built into mail delivery, the current changes are harming the health of many.  Read more here.

(Source: Susan A. Cantrell, The Hill, August 27, 2020)

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