The Potential of Real World Evidence for Mental Health

March 18, 2022

Although startlingly common and accounting for a sizeable annual healthcare cost, effective treatments for mental health conditions are often out of reach to many patients. This compounds other health issues due to high rates of comorbidities with many mental illnesses. In a new article on PharmExec, Carl D. Marci, PhD, Director of Neuroscience at OM1, explains how real world evidence (RWE)  and real world data (RWD) can help address this unmet need.

According to Marci, “When linked together in a standardized and cloud-based architecture, RWD can be accessed to provide insights into gaps in care and offer a powerful aid to help tackle the many challenges in research, treatment, and care delivery for the millions of Americans that suffer from mental illness.”

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(Source: PharmExec, March 15th, 2022)

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