The Positive Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials

February 15, 2021

Although COVID-19 has resulted in many negative consequences, it has also brought about some useful changes in the drug development and clinical trial space. Patients who faced barriers to clinical trial enrollment have been able to participate—especially in instances where remote data is collected, such as in the case of wearable technologies. Historically underrepresented populations may also be able to participate in more clinical trials due to trial decentralization. RWD (real world data) and RWE (real world evidence) have also been incorporated into assessments of therapeutics.

According to Dr. Moscicki, “As biopharmaceutical research companies continue to pursue new medicines and vaccines, the regulatory environment is adapting to better support decentralized studies. Meanwhile, as patients and investigators become more comfortable with digital technologies, these types of trials are likely to become more widely used, with positive implications lasting long beyond our fight with COVID-19.” Learn more here.

(Source: Richard Moscicki, PhRMA, 2/10/21)

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