The Next US Presidency Doesn’t Look Friendly to Pharma

June 30, 2023

No matter who wins the next US presidency, it doesn’t look that there will be a friend to the pharma and biotech industries in the White House, according to a new Axios article. Donald Trump, the current Republican front-runner has already repeated his previous campaign promise of not letting the US pay more for medications than other countries, while his rival Ron DeSantis launched a Florida state grand jury to scrutinize COVID-19 vaccine producers over alleged misrepresentation of safety information.

According to Caitlin Owens and Maya Goodman, “But Biden has threatened to go further: Since signing Medicare drug negotiation powers into law last summer, Biden has issued an executive order directing agencies to further decrease consumers’ drug costs, and he called for expanding Medicare’s negotiating powers in his budget earlier this year.”

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(Source: Axios, June 30th, 2023)

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