The Medical Science Liaison-DISC Personality Types Survey

January 4, 2021

The MSL role is constantly evolving and facing new challenges. MSLs are both scientific experts and relationship managers. As such, they are required to perform tasks that are extremely analytical and technical in nature, while being able to skilfully handle relationships on a human level. Each of these responsibilities seems to require not only very different competencies but also dissimilar personalities. However, very little has been investigated about MSLs’ personality traits.

The Journal of the Medical Science Liaison Society has designed and conducted a survey that explores MSLs’ personalities and behavioral styles, based on the DISC system. Their goal was to provide some insights about the distribution of personality traits among MSLs and to investigate the relationship between each personality type and the preference for specific MSL-related tasks and responsibilities. Read more about the survey and results here.

(Source: Martina Pesaresi, Albert Avila, Martina Riosalido et al. Journal of the Medical Science Liaison Society; Dec 2020)

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