Tentative Four-Year Contract Agreement Reached Between Kaiser Permanente and Unions Following Historic Strike

October 13, 2023

After a historic strike, Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions have reached a tentative four-year contract agreement. The agreement includes raising all wages by 21% over four years, with a new minimum wage of $25/hour in California and $23/hour in other states. The contract also overhauls the company’s labor practice regarding subcontracting and outsourcing and inculcates hiring and skill development initiatives. The contract will become effective starting October 1, 2023. Kaiser reached this agreement after 75,000 union members went on strike over understaffing and labor outsourcing issues. The union plans to start the ratification of the deal on October 18th.

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[Source: STAT, October 13th, 2023]

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