Tenacious Sheila McLean Joins Patients for Affordable Drugs

February 9, 2021

Sheila Mclean began her position as Executive Director of Patients for Affordable Drugs in January 2021. In her new role, Sheila will draw on her vast experience as a journalist, Mid-Atlantic President of Markstein, and North America Social Purpose & Sustainability Practice Director of MSL GROUP, and as a patient. Her interest in keeping drugs priced fairly began when she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Cosentyx from Novartis eased her symptoms, but has risen 73 percent in price over 6 years. After witnessing her husband, newborn son, and her daughter face serious medical issues, she became even more committed to the idea that healthcare costs should not be prohibitively expensive.

Sheila notes, “Millions of Americans face these fears with far fewer resources than we have. Many must choose between putting food on the table and buying their medicine while Big Pharma enjoys profit margins almost three times the S&P 500 average. It’s time to fix the broken drug pricing system. I am thrilled to be in the fight. Join us!” You can share your drug pricing story here.

(Patients for Affordable Drugs, 1/28/21)

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