Telehealth Brings Change to Traditional Clinical Visit—and Billing

February 23, 2021

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes to the conventional doctor’s visit. A report by McKinsey found that telehealth adoption rose from 11% to now 46%. Healthcare providers are seeing between 50 and 175 times the patients via telehealth. Continuous remote patient monitoring makes telehealth tools even more useful. Notably, the rise of telehealth has also prompted payers to consider value-based reimbursement over the fee-for-service model.

Dr. Ondra remarks, “As we move toward value-based reimbursement models, providers, insurers, and payers will need more proactive approaches that can measurably improve outcomes, save lives, and lower overall healthcare costs – often from the convenience of a patient’s home.” Read more here.

(Source: Stephen Ondra, MD, Medical Economics, 2/16/21)

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