Target RWE Releases 35 Disease Real-World Evidence Registries

January 25, 2023

Earlier this month, Target RWE announced the release of 35 observational disease state real-world evidence (RWE) registries. The disease fields covered by the registries include autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions, metabolic diseases, and more. The data will include patient reported outcome measures, clinical exam results, and tissue samples in a proprietary biobank.

According to PR Newswire, “Target RWE is the only real-world evidence company to offer a biorepository of tissue samples that can be analyzed as a part of broader communities. The biorepository allows Target RWE the unique ability to combine extensive biomarker research, translational research and genomic data with its established research communities. To date, the company has secured more than 150,000 biospecimen samples across all its communities, with a milestone of more than 10,000 tissue samples reached for TARGET-DERM.”

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(Source: PR Newswire, January 11th, 2023)

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