Takeda Partners With Seqster on Patient-centric Data

November 2, 2020

Seqster, a San Diego-based health technology firm, developed a platform to securely collate and store patient data such as electronic health records (EHR), genetic information, fitness results from wearables etc. Takeda hopes to leverage Seqster technology across its business and gain better access to real-world evidence generating powerful data and insights for research and patient services. According to Seqster, the digital platform connects patients to over 3,000 healthcare providers and 100,000 hospitals and clinics across the US.

The Seqster Research Portal (SRP) can also be applied to accelerate clinical trial design, recruitment, and consent by working with a broad range of study types including patient registries used to generate RWE. “Seqster provides clinical trial participants a secure platform to consent and share their data with investigators and study personnel in real-time,” according to the company’s chief executive Ardy Arianpour. Read more here.

(Source: George Underwood; PharmaPhorum; 10/29/20)

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