Syapse Invests $68 Million in Expanding RWE to Improve Outcomes for Cancer Patients

February 23, 2021

Leading RWE (real world evidence) company Syapse has invested $68 million in a venture with Ally Bridge Group and Northpond Ventures. Syapse will expand its Learning Health Network. The overall goal is to improve outcomes for oncology patients. Additional goals are to reduce costs and to enhance patient care.

According to Andrea Jackson of Northpond Ventures,“Using real-world data and evidence to improve outcomes in cancer care is foundational for drug developers, regulators, doctors and caregivers. We are excited to be an investor in Syapse and I am looking forward to working with the Syapse Board and leadership team to advance their mission to improve outcomes for people with cancer.” Learn more here.

(Source: Syapse, 2/2/21)

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