Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Teva & GSK’s Skinny Label Case

May 15, 2023


The US Supreme Court has rejected Teva’s bid to take up its case with GSK over skinny labels, which approve a generic for some, but not all, of the indications of the reference drug. Teva was sued by GSK in 2014 after it added an indication for congestive heart failure for its generic version of GSK’s heart drug Coreg.

According to Fraiser Kansteiner, “In 2017, a Delaware court ruled Teva’s label encouraged doctors to prescribe its generic to treat heart failure despite GSK owning a patent on that use. The court awarded the $235 million verdict to GSK. A district court subsequently overturned that verdict, passing the win to Teva. But in 2020, a U.S. appeals court restored the verdict. Teva didn’t take the repeat loss lying down. It appealed to the Supreme Court in July 2022.”

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(Source: Fierce Pharma, May 15th, 2023)

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