Certis Oncology Solutions, Inc.

Certis Oncology Solutions, Inc.

Address: 5626 Oberlin Drive, Suite 110, San Diego , California, United States, 92121

Website: https://www.certisoncology.com/

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Established in 2016, Certis began its journey in precision medicine, helping individual cancer patients and their oncologists determine—with certainty—the best available treatment for their unique cancers. We explore options for precision therapies beyond the current standard of care, and partner with pharmaceutical companies to develop the next generation of targeted therapeutics.

At Certis, acquiring oncology intelligence begins with Orthotopic Patient Derived Xenograft (O-PDX) mouse models. (Orthotopic means “the correct place.”) Developing O-PDX models involves surgically implanting a very small specimen of a human tumor in the corresponding anatomic location (colon, brain, pancreas, liver, lung, etc.) of specialized immunodeficient mice, effectively creating a living model of that unique cancer. Years of scientific research show that O-PDX mouse models reliably mirror the behavior of the cancer in their human counterparts, at an accelerated pace—making them ideal patient avatars for evaluating cancer therapies.

Our process employs groups of O-PDX models to assess human tumor biology, identify therapeutic targets, and gain intimate knowledge about how each treatment works against specific cancers. We evaluate therapeutic response to each drug at predefined timepoints using MRI images, digital tumor volume measurements and in-depth investigations of cellular structures. Our scientists quantify and compare results– providing both numeric and visual proof of results. At study conclusion, we deliver patients, oncologists and drug innovators reliable oncology intelligence–bringing a whole new level of certainty to decision-making.

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