State Level Look at Who’s About to Lose Medicaid Coverage

March 31, 2023

With the imminent end to the COVID-19 public health emergency looming large, pandemic-era Medicaid expansions are set to kick millions off the program in the US. A newly published report from the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation predicts that up to 18 million people are set to be dropped from Medicaid in the coming weeks and months. Examine this at the state-by-state level in a new Becker’s Payer Issues article.

According to Rylee Wilson, “The Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report, published in December 2022,  predicts Utah will have the highest share of members disenrolled. Fourteen states will have more than 20 percent of Medicaid members disenrolled, researchers estimated. The differences are mostly the result of higher enrollment increases and unemployment rates during the pandemic, according to the report.”

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(Source: Becker’s Payer Issues, March 31st, 2023)

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