Shulkin: COVID-19 Laying Foundation for ‘Tsunami of Challenges’ for Health System

July 23, 2020

David Shulkin, former secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, says the COVID-19 crisis is ultimately generating a “tsunami of challenges for the health system.”

In a recent guest piece published on Healthcare Dive, Shulkin points to key long-term issues, including Medicaid funding.

“On average, states are projecting about a 10% reduction in revenues in 2020, rising to almost a 25% reduction in 2021,” he writes. “Even without considering the growth in Medicaid enrollment hitting states, this reduced tax revenue will make sustaining current Medicaid program funding increasingly difficult.”

Pandemics, Shulkin writes, create major shifts in “political, economic and sociologic outlooks, and COVID-19 will be no different.”

To read the full write up on Healthcare Dive, click here.

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