RxAdvance’s Sculley: What the PBM of the Future Might Look Like

December 16, 2020

The traditional models for pharmacy benefit managers have been under particular scrutiny of late, with these companies seeing the revival and finalization of the dreaded “rebate rule” and a Supreme Court ruling that could open the door for greater regulation.

With these increasing calls for evolution, it begs the question: What would the PBM “of the future” look like?For John Sculley, chairman of startup PBM RxAdvance and former CEO of Apple, it starts with starting to think about how to shake up the traditional rebate approach.

“Is there a model for the PBM of the future that is not rebate-dependent?” Sculley said during an interview with Fierce Healthcare. “It’s not likely to change, but there’s a huge opportunity we see at RxAdvance to bring in smart process automation.” Read more here.

(Source: Paige Minemyer Fierce Health Payer)

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