Researchers Perform Integrative Review of Managed Entry Agreements

October 12, 2020

Managed entry agreements (MEAs) are of group of instruments designed to reduce the budget impact, uncertainty, and risk of expensive new medicines. Policymakers are planning to introduce MEA’s in Brazil but before that can happen, there is need for critical appraisal and review. To that end, Zampirolli et al, performed an integrative review of MEAs across countries. Investigators found that the main focus of most MEAs were financial arrangements centered around medicines in the oncology space. They concluded that outcome-based MEAs have the potential to improve access to new innovative medicines and included significant reimbursement advantages. On the other hand, disadvantages with respect to data collection for outcome-based schemes was a concern. Read the full study here.

(Source: Zampirolli Dias, C., Godman, B., Gargano, L.P. et al. Integrative Review of Managed Entry Agreements: Chances and Limitations. PharmacoEconomics 38, 1165–1185 (2020).

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